Moblaze teams up with Wootag to aggressively grow brands in Vietnam and Indochina markets.
Marketers are increasingly looking towards Adtech solutions to engage consumers and enhance performance through their brand presence across digital media.

Recognising this growing need, Moblaze believes that though video ads are attractive to view, only a few platforms direct the viewer to the brand’s website at the click of a button at the end of the video. To offer better brand engagement and encourage conversions for their clients across Vietnam and Indochina markets, Moblaze has teamed up with Wootag.

Moblaze is Indochina’s first mobile-agency partner, provides mobile-first solutions to agencies and clients. Our main services include – strategy, creative, social media, mobile media, and analytics. We also offer marketing technology and data-driven marketing solutions for forward-looking clients aspiring toward digital transformation.

Our AdTech division is powered by InMobi – the world’s leading mobile company and by Wootag – a revolutionary technology platform that enables engagement within video ads across ad networks.

Moblaze has consistently been recognized at Campaign Asia’s coveted ‘Agency of the Year awards in 2017, 2018, 2019, 2021, and 2022. Besides that its work has picked up metals at various regional awards shows including – MMA, MobEx, Dragons of Asia, and eCommerce Awards of Asia.

Wootag is an interactive visual marketing platform aimed at creating next-gen visual interactive by enabling brands to discover and leverage video or displays to enhance the branding experiences with their audience and convert viewers into customers. Through deploying relevant in-visual interactivity, they can drive viewability, click-through, real-time insights, and product interactions. Unlocking audiences to interact with the creative in-visual, Wootag’s unique solution also empowers brands to deliver product placements, promotions, and creatives focused on real-time conditions, including weather conditions and football matches. Marketers can measure the results easily on a real-time basis to drive an impactful customer experience with an ordinary visual.

Speaking about the tie-up, Moblaze CEO Tarun Dhawan shared, “We are excited about this partnership, as it will help us grow our client’s brands exponentially. With Wootag’s technology, we can now promise brands more than just a ‘view’, and drive users to their E-commerce site which was not possible on a video ad before. And the best part is that this can be done programmatically across any DSP or inventory source including all OTT platforms.”

“Wootag is committed to empowering brands in utilizing the power of human curiosity to integrate interactive elements, insight, and understanding of audience behavior into its videos and other visuals. Working with a forward-thinking company like Moblaze, brands can leverage our solution through Moblaze to engage with customers, analysing valuable audience behaviour data from multiple perspectives to generate unique insights for the brand. We’re looking forward to boosting our growth in Vietnam with Moblaze. ” Wootag CEO Raj Sunder shared.

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