Moblaze, a Vietnam-based digital agency, announced the launch of Spark, its proprietary first-party data capture solution.

Spark is designed to help brands collect, manage, and utilise directly addressable data of their consumers which can then be used by media agencies for effective retargeting purposes. With Spark brands and agencies can optimize their marketing strategies and campaigns with the goal of delivering greater results. Moblaze has also identified and tested multiple ways its Spark solution can be used by brands.

Spark’s unique 100% data validation guarantee is one of its key differentiators. This  guarantee ensures that only validated data is captured by the system, providing brands with a reliable source of customer information.

As data becomes an increasingly important asset for businesses, we are excited to offer a solution that helps brands harness the power of their own data,” said Tarun Dhawan, Managing Director of Moblaze.

Vietnam’s marketing industry is projected to reach $3.3 billion by 2025, making it one of the fastest-growing digital economies in Southeast Asia. Data-driven marketing is becoming increasingly popular in Vietnam as more brands invest in digital marketing and technology, allowing them to collect and analyse customer data and optimize their marketing strategies. With Spark, Moblaze is well-positioned to support the growing demand for data-driven solutions in the Vietnamese market.

The Spark solution is available for immediate use, providing businesses with a powerful tool for managing their customer data. Whether it’s for retargeting purposes or for general data management, Spark is the ideal solution for any brand looking to maximize the value of its data. Moblaze is excited to bring Spark to market and help businesses take their data-driven strategies to the next level.

About Moblaze

Moblaze, the premier mobile-agency partner in Indochina, offers mobile-first solutions to agencies and clients. Its services include strategy, creative, social media, mobile media, and analytics. It also offers marketing technology and data-driven marketing solutions for clients undergoing digital transformation.

The company’s AdTech division is powered by InMobi, a world’s leading independent mobile ad network, and Wootag, a technology platform that enables engagement within video ads across ad networks.

Moblaze has been recognised as the “Agency of the Year” at Campaign Asia’s awards in 2017, 2018, 2019, 2021, and 2022. The company’s work has also won awards at other regional events including MMA, MobEx, Dragons of Asia, and eCommerce Awards of Asia.

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