Digital technologies have brought with them the ability to target audiences with precision and personalization. But this can only be done when brands have access to the right data points. We help brands capture, collate, organize, and activate data for greater outcomes.

Our Data Driven Marketing Services

Lead Generation

Lead generation is the process of creating so much interest in your brand, that people part with their contact details. Through a combination of our services, we help brands generate leads that convert to customers, and potentially even repeat-customers.

Whether you are a B2B or a B2C organization, we can help you generate leads that will fuel your business growth.

Inbound Marketing

While outbound marketing interrupts customers and pushes content through different paid channels, inbound marketing engages and pulls in new customers via meaningful & relevant content across your website, blogs, social media, email, and SEO.

Our Inbound Marketing is powered by Hubspot – the world’s leading inbound platform trusted some of by some of the largest brands, globally.

Moblaze O2O

Moblaze O2O is an online-to-offline platform that tracks and converts online-engagements into offline-traffic, with deterministic footfall tracking that is tracked up to the point-of-sale.

It is a solution that can ultimately help brands move from targeting ‘unknown customers’, identified through probabilistic data points, to targeting ‘known customers’ identified through deterministic data points, thus resulting in less wastage and greater ROI.

Typical Use Cases:

  • Drive in-store footfalls
  • Capture customer data POS/ samping booths/ events
  • Generate leads via Facebook, Google, Inmobi
  • Precision targeting and retargeting
  • Lay foundations for creating your data asset

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