Spark is an online-to-offline platform that tracks and converts online-engagements into offline-traffic, with deterministic tracking up to the point-of-sale. It is a solution that can ultimately help brands move from targeting ‘unknown customers’, identified through probabilistic data points, to targeting ‘known customers’ identified through deterministic data points, resulting in less wastage and greater ROI. Unique Features · Measures attribution and campaign-performance from the point of ad-impression up to the point of sale. · Captures first-party data with 100% data accuracy. · Ability to precisely re-target known customers using deterministic data point resulting in savings and a better ROI. · Builds a brand’s data asset and lays foundations for data-driven marketing and personalisation. · Realtime dashboard tracks performance, including of offline staff ensuring no risk of fraud. Typical Use Cases · Sampling Activity – capture accurate and usable data in exchange for a free sample · Promotion Offer –capture data of users interested to avail of a brand’s special offer · Lead Generation – capture leads for a Product or Service · Foot Fall – drive footfalls into a store or to an experience center/ activation event · Incremental Sales – engage users who may be hesitant to shop online without having to the ability to touch & feel the product first.